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by Eman | 9/13/2012

This is a test.


Get Paid to Search Yahoo!

by Eman | 6/15/2008

Homepages Friends - This site is one lovely little earner. You can make a little extra cash just by doing what you already do - searching the internet.

How does this work?

"Get paid to search."

Homepages Friends is a get-paid-to-search site with Yahoo! Search behind as the search provider. They split the advertising revenue generated on bona fide searches with their members 50/50.

What do you do?
"You search and you earn."

In order to use it, you need to have either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 installed. You can download them from a link on their site.

When you sign up in the site, you will be asked to add to your browsers search box a search plug-in of their own. When you use the search box, it will return results from Yahoo! and you will earn a few cents in return.

How much can you earn?
"If you thought you will get rich from this, please get real!"

You will get 1 pence (~$0.02) per search which is not bad. I average about 20 - 30 searches everyday from my work, blogging, hobbies, etc. You can do more because there's no limit on the number of searches you can do.

25 searches x $0.02 cents = $0.50 per day

In theory, you will earn $15.0 a month just by yourself. You can earn more by referring friends to the site.

If you’re a student, blogger or a researcher, this is definitely worth considering. At least try it out for a while and if it doesn't work for you, what have you lost?

Sign up for Homepages Friends and earn money while you search.

Proof of Payment

Please note that all payments are subject to a minimum of £20 and are paid 45 days after the month end on your PayPal account.


Welcome to myLot!

by Eman | 6/14/2008

Get compensated with your ideas in myLot!

One of the most popular social forums online which pays its users to participate in discussions, myLot has grown into a pool of more than 130,000 members from its humble beginnings in 2006.

It started as a paid-to-post site and eventually change its format as a social network because of user suggestions. It has become a growing community of individuals from around the world who enjoy sharing information, meeting new people and helping each other out.

What is myLot?

myLot is an online discussion and forum which handles a wide variety of topics. Within these topics, you can spend your time starting discussions, responding to queries, dishing advice, heating up debates or just sharing information and experiences.

In concept, it is structured similarly to Yahoo! Answers. You pop, ask a question or take a look at the disposal of questions and answer them. Interaction with other users is very likely because mylot pays a bonus to members who participate in discussions.

How does it Work?

myLot has implemented a system to give everyone who uses the site the ability to make money. The idea is pretty simple - if you contribute to myLot Community - whether it is by starting new discussions, commenting upon other discussions, uploading pictures in discussions and referring others to the site, you earn money.

myLot pays each and every member based on their level of activity. As stated previously all you need to do is sign up for a myLot account.

Here is a blurb from myLot site:

Earn Money using MyLot!

We want our users to help our website explode, and to reward you we will pay you every time you use myLot! We believe users are the most valuable asset to the longevity of any website so why only provide them with a service, why not reward them financially?

Our goal is to provide internet users a place to earn money using the web on a day to day basis. It's easy, sign up and start discussions, post responses or comments to current discussions, news or blogs, or refer friends! Referring friends is a great way to earn passive income on myLot. A myLot account is all you need to get started. Click here to open an account.

Why Should You Join myLot?

myLot reports that many of its users spend most of the waking hours of any given day enjoying myLot. "Nothing can be that interesting?" you might ask. Well, then you've probably never experienced a place like myLot.

It can be addicting enough to kill days on end, but also functional and useful enough for the millions of internet users who only have a few precious moments in their busy days for "online time."

  • Customize Your Internet Experience
  • View the latest discussions, news, and blog postings all tailored to your interests and personal experience on myLot. Make myLot your default home page and take advantage of everything myLot has to offer. Oh yeah, they have the weather too!

  • Participate in Discussions
  • Discuss topics about anything and everything under the sun. Join one of the hundreds of thousands of discussions already started by its members, or start your own! I guarantee you'll find many others who share your interests. Ahh, it's fun to be a fast growing community!

  • Make Money
  • You will get paid for your valuable contribution in myLot. That's the best part of myLot for many users. Learn about the earnings program and find out how you can earn some extra spending money.

  • Build a Profile
  • myLot users can express themselves with their own personal profile page. Every myLot user has one! It's kind of like Friendster, only much cleaner. You can also share photos with your friends and family.

    Your profile is completely customized to your style, so let the world know what you're all about!

  • Communicate with and Make New Friends
  • myLot has built-in private messaging which is a great way to communicate with your friends. It's 100% spam-free because YOU choose who can send you messages.

    Only users who are on your "friends" list (which you have 100% control over) can send you a private message.

  • Read and Discuss the News
  • Never miss what's going on in the world. myLot has breaking news stories, as well as articles tailored towards your specific interests.

    You can even debate current events with other myLot users.

  • Search and Find
  • myLot has a comprehensive searching experience unlike any other. Whether you're looking for web sites, discussions, news, blog articles, photos or private messages, you can easily find them! With Yahoo! Search powering our web results, there's absolutely no reason to search anywhere else.

  • Read and Discuss Articles from Leading Blogs
  • The blogging community produces some of the best information on the internet, and now myLot brought this information together with the site. Blog articles are tailored towards your interests, or you can subscribe to specific blogs that interest you.

    Do you own a blog? Then submit your blog for inclusion on myLot. It's a great way to obtain more readers of your blog!

  • Refer Other Members
  • Along with the earnings program mentioned above, you're compensated for each and every new user that you refer to myLot who participates.

    Instead of blowing our advertising budget on television, radio, or online ads, we've decided to pay our loyal users instead. After all, the myLot users are our best ambassadors!

    If you're reading this, then chances are that you yourself were referred by a myLot member. This is a great program, and many members are making a LOT of money each month helping myLot grow!

How do I get Paid?

Once you started participating in discussions in myLot, you will get updates of your earnings everyday. You will see your earnings summarized in a table like shown below.

You will get paid monthly with minimum account balance of $10.00 and carry forward of unpaid amounts. You have the option to increase your minimum payment to $25, $50 or $100.

All payments will be in US dollars and made via PayPal or Moneybookers, depending on the country you reside in. All users will be required to have a valid PayPal or Moneybookers account.

Not a mylot Member?

Sign-up! It's free!


HammeRuler Part 2

by Eman | 6/11/2008

"We often come across products that initially look like a good idea, but then we realize that the inventor, producer, and marketer really haven't asked those that will use it to get involved in the development. So, we're going to avoid this mistake -- with your help, of course." - HammeRuler

To my surprise, the Hammeruler is back! The people behind this product is really serious in their product and they made another series of survey on how to improve their hammer and ruler in one.

My first impression with this hammer is stupid idea! But on the second thought, the concept is marketable.

It's a good point that the makers of this hammer are consulting their market so they will better know how can they improve this product or just dump the idea in the trash. From the survey, many responders are saying they will buy the product (most of them are from US).

This is a sponsored post. If you would like to join dNeero surveys and earn a little money while you're at it, click here or the banner below.



Holographic Video Conferencing

by Eman | 6/08/2008

Holograms have been imagined and fascinated by humans for a long time. Conceptually, a hologram is a virtual image of an object produced by manipulating light beams through its interference and diffraction properties. The idea has been popping out in science fictions and later portrayed in films. Remember Princess Leia's communication with Obi Wan in Star Wars? Well, this scene has been transformed into reality!

Cisco has unveiled their new product On-Stage TelePresence Holographic Video Conferencing. If you take a look at this video, Cisco CEO John Chambers, who was live on Bangalore India, is interviewing Martin De Beer, Emerging Technologies Senior Vice President, and Chuck Stucki the General Manager of TelePresence, live from San Jose, California. This is one of the many futuristic technologies we're starting to see in real life.

This new technology produces high definition holograms that capture the sweat and even the pores of a human. With this technology, your relatives abroad can walk right into your home and have a talk with you and then vanish before you know - a Star Wars concept transformed into reality.

It’s amazing! It really looks like the person you’re talking to is in the same room with you. I know this will be good for businesses specially those with global market, but can you imagine how the porn industry will handle this technology? I don't think Cisco has imagined this to disseminate porn in a veridical way, but there’s no doubt the porn kings will be Cisco’s customers (the biggest maybe, who knows).

Hmmm... I'm just wondering how long it’s going to take for a time machine, a flying car and Potter’s invisibility cloak to become a reality. Those are things to look forward.



by Eman | 6/05/2008

Need of MP3s? Have a dig in SkreemR.

SkreemR is an advanced mp3 audio and music search engine. SkreemR allows you to search for music and download mp3 files from the web including DRM-free music, podcasts, speeches and much more.

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To Free Rice! Anyone?

by Eman | 6/05/2008

What if just knowing what a word meant could help feed hungry people around the world?... - Washington Post

Just one question. Can you think of any game which can improve your vocabulary and help in feeding hungry people around the world?

Any answers? Well I have one!

Say hello to Freerice.com. They host a simple game - a game to improve your vocabulary. For each word you get right, they will donate 20 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program to help end hunger.

Here is how it works. When you play the game, sponsor banners appear on the bottom of your screen. The money generated by these banners is then used to buy the rice. So by playing, you generate the money that pays for the rice and learn new words as well.

I tried the game for a while now and I have donated a little over 1000 grains of rice! I don't know if that amount can feed a hungry child (because I don't count the rice I'm eating... lol). But consider if this game is played by thousands of people, that could make a BIG difference.

So, are you feeling guilty about wasting time on your computer's solitaire? Join the growing guilt-free multitude at FreeRice.com, an online game with redeeming social value.

WARNING: This game may make you smarter. It may improve your speaking, writing, thinking, grades and job performance!


Himatsubushi : Kill Time

by Eman | 6/01/2008

Try this game of Himatsubushi, which literally translates to "kill time" or "crush boredom" in Japanese.

This is a fun and weird flash game where your main objective is to keep your mouse pointer safe as long as possible from a little orange ninja guy who will try to grab or hit your cursor with lots of tricks you will never thought or expect. I say he is a cursor addict or cursor maniac! The game also requires you not to move your mouse outside the game's background or else your score will reset to zero.

This is not easy as you might think because the ninja guy will always get you and will give you a big grin every time he captures or destroys your cursor. Just a warning: don't get irritated to him because if you do, you will really smash your monitor screen!

For info, my highest score is 2325 points. How about you? How long can your mouse pointer can survive? Play now and post your score!

Some pics of the game:

My Highest Score : 2325 points!

The pole smash.

The homing missile.


HammeRuler : A Hammer and a Ruler in One!

by Eman | 5/31/2008

This is a sponsored post.

Let's talk about hammers today. Have you heard of a hammer and a ruler molded into one? Well, just put a ruler's markings in the hammer's handle and you got the image of it. Not a nice idea for me.

There's this new product to be released at the end of this year and it's called Hammeruler. Very creative name indeed! And the makers are trying to gauge how well it will sell come the big day.

Is it really worth putting the ruler in the hammer? Or putting the hammer in the ruler? The makers argue that by doing this it will cut down the time needed for the user to switch tools, especially if the user only does short measures. No one realizes how much time a user spend on putting down his hammer to pick up his ruler and that's understandable. For me, I want the two tools different from each other.

Just 'hope this Hammeruler will hit. Just don't hit your finger with the hammer because your using it as a ruler!


Firefox 3 to Attemp a Guinness World Record

by Eman | 5/30/2008

A clever promotion indeed! Firefox 3 will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours! Firefox 3 is the latest web browser from Mozilla with over 15,000 improvements over its predecessor version.

All you have to do is download Firefox 3 during Download Day to help set the record. To to this, you need to pledge to download Firefox 3. Just pledge in their website and they will send you the link in your email come Download Day.

I have been using Firefox since it's birth (well I just can't remember when, but it's a long long time ago) and I never had any problems with it. And I believe Firefox 3 will be better, so much better than Firefox 2 (I am not talking about the other rival.)

Don't forget to tell your friends, family and colleagues to pledge to download Firefox 3 during Download Day!

You can pledge in their website by clicking the banner below and help spread the word!

Download Day - English

Update 2008.06.12 : The official date for the launch of Firefox 3 is June 17, 2008. Join the community and this effort by pledging today.

Update 2008.06.13 : As of today, the number of pledges reach a little over 1,100,000. You can still pledge by clicking the banner above.