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Hello World!

by Eman | 5/01/2008

Low de High Minus High de Low : Getting Derivatives from the Internet is born! This blog is about my cool finds in the Internet: websites, softwares, blogs, gadgets, etc.

Low de High Minus High de Low (pronounced as "low-dee-high minus high-dee-low") is a part of a famous mnemonic in getting the derivative of a function that is the quotient of two other functions (a function with numerator and denominator).

About the Name...

The term Low denotes the denominator and High as the numerator. In calculus, this is known as the Quotient Rule. The complete mnemonic translates to "Low times derivative of high minus high times derivative of low all over low squared." You should have met this terms if you have studied elementary calculus! Pretty tough, huh?

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